Statistics on animal use

Compilation of annual statistics on animal use is required by the Finnish law 497/2013 and EU directive 2010/63.

It is the primary researcher’s duty to record the data of the own animals. The Project -Responsible-Person is in charge to send the complete data for reporting. Laboratory Animal Centre (KEKS) will collect and forward it to the Authorities annually. Animals that are used in a “Procedure” will end-up in annual EU-report, other animals in national FI-report.

Statistics data can be recorded (to mark ready and save) by Primary Researcher, License Holder, Project-Responsible-Person (PRP, Designated person responsible for the project activities) and KEKS personnel. The annual statistics should be ready latest by the 31st of January next year.

The detailed guidelines for statistics can be found in the instructions.

Last updated: 18.12.2020