Project licence

Animal experimentation always requires a licence. Animal experiments are authorised in Finland by the national Animal Experiment Board (Hankelupalautakunta ELLA), appointed by the Finnish government. The members of ELLA are researchers, veterinarians, experts in animal care and experts in practical animal protection work or ethical questions. The chair of the board holds the Master’s degree in Law. The composition and principles of the board are explained in ELLA home pages.

  • A project can be started only after the ELLA has granted the licence for the research. The licence application form can be found in KEKS website, here.
  • A project can be carried out only if there is no other scientifically satisfactory method in order to achieve the results set as the objective
  • A project must be replaced entirely or partly whenever possible
  • The number of animals may not be greater than necessary for achieving the objective
  • The procedures shall be performed causing as less pain, suffering, distress or lasting harm to animals as possible




Last updated: 18.2.2021