GM register

A new gene-manipulated strain must be reported by submitting the notification on gene modified animals to the KEKS register. It is legally required for laboratory animal establishments to have a list of all GM strains that are bred and maintained in the establishment. Risk assessment is an important part of the GM notification.

A GM register notification is made with a form that is delivered as an e-mail attachment to Hanna-Marja Voipio.

The GM register notification must be completed in the following cases:

  • Starting the production of a new GM strain
  • Two existing GM strains will be crossed
  • A new GM strain will be transported to KEKS from elsewhere. The notification must be valid already during the transportation of the animals.

The register is specific to the GM strain. The strain marked in the register does not need to be registered again if it has been registered earlier by another researcher.

Last updated: 23.12.2016