Project licence or internal licence?

Project licence is always needed when the pain or distress to the animal is equivalent or higher than the pain caused by an ordinary injection. Sometimes it can be difficult to define if the study needs a project licence or if it is enough to apply for an internal licence. KEKS personnel will help in such cases and you can always ask help from ELLA. Remember that the researcher is always responsible for the validity of her/his own licences.


A project licence is needed

  • The animal is experiencing pain, suffering, distress or lasting harm equivalent to the feeling caused by the introduction of a needle in accordance with good veterinary practice
  • Producing a new gene modified animal strain
  • Procedures performed on an animal under anaesthesia are also considered an animal experiment, even if the animal does not wake up from the anaesthesia after the procedure.

An internal licence can be applied

  • When there is no pain, suffering, distress or lasting harm to the animal
  • Breeding and maintaining a GM strain that does not have welfare problems
  • Crossing two existing GM strains when neither strain has welfare problems

Last updated: 9.1.2017