Applying for project licences

Project licence

The project licence should be applied for by submitting a form available at the Animal experiment board website. The form is updated regularly and the researchers are asked to obtain the latest version of the form from the website. ELLA’s website also includes instructions on project licence procedures as well as other information on animal experiments.

ELLA accepts the licenses written only in Finnish or in Swedish.

The licence application is sent by e-mail for a pre-inspection to KEKS (Hanna-Marja Voipio or Sakari Laaksonen). This ensures that it is possible to perform the experiment in KEKS and that the application has all the necessary information.

When the application is ready, it should be sent as an e-mail attachment to the address ella(at)

The licence is granted for a fee and only for three years at a time, in some cases for even five years. It is possible to make amendments or additions to the experiment through an application for changes to a licence.

The prices for the licences are available on ELLA website. The licence process takes approximately one to two months.


Amendments to the licence

If changes must be made to the project plan, this may be applied for with an ELLA application for change form.

The application for change can be used to apply for changes related to the research procedure in question, such as increasing the number of animals, adding a new animal species, continuing the experiment for longer or further procedures.

A fee is charged for the licence for change, the notification of change is free of charge.

Last updated: 22.11.2018