Personnel and competences

The person responsible for animal experiment operations takes care that the establishment abides with the requirements set for animal experiment operations. The person responsible must be familiar with the requirements set for the animal experiment activity at the unit.

The laboratory animal unit must have the necessary number of animal technicians that corresponds with the quality and extent of the facility’s operations. The animal technicians must have a laboratory animal technician’s degree or equivalent practical knowledge and skills on the care, treatment and handling of the animals in the facility.

A veterinarian must be appointed for the veterinary care.


Who can perform an animal experiment?

All the persons who are involved in the use and care of laboratory animals must have an appropriate competence and be adequately educated and trained.

The persons are categorised in four groups:

  1.  Carrying out procedures on animals
  2.  Designing procedures and projects
  3.  Taking care of animals
  4.  Killing animals

How to achieve each competence, is explained in more detailed under the education.

Last updated: 9.1.2017