The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry is responsible for the general guidance and control of animal experiment operations.

The Regional State Administrative Agency guides and supervises to ensure that the regulations are observed on a regional level. The Regional State Administrative Agency also grants facility licences for laboratory animal operations. The provincial veterinarian conducts inspection visits to laboratory animal establishments and has the right to monitor the performing of an animal experiment and to be present in the meetings of the Animal experiment board and its sections.

The Animal experiment board grants the licences for performing animal experiments.

The laboratory animal establishments ensures that the operations regarding animal experiments are conducted in accordance with regulations. The person responsible for animal experiment operations ensures that the facility abides by the requirements set for animal experiment operations. The designated veterinarian is responsible for the veterinary care and has advisory duties in relation to the well-being and treatment of the animals. The personnel of the animal experiment facility supervise that the conditions of licences are followed and monitor the wellbeing of the animals throughout their entire life span.

The Regional State Administrative Agency for Southern Finland maintains a register on the animal experiment licences for the purposes of control. Information on the number of laboratory animals used as well as animal experiments are collected annually for national and European Union statistics.

Last updated: 30.12.2016