KEKS laboratory animal courses in 2021

Perjantai, lokakuu 1, 2021

Using animals in research - carrying out procedures

Carrying out procedures 2021

- Course for those who need the competence to carry out procedures in projects  is postponed to the autumn 2021 due to the corona epidemic. At that time, we will have a new digital course and most of the course will be done in Moodle, which gives more flexibility to attend the course. This digital course also provides opportunity to participate the learning modules for those who need the competence to design the procedures and projects. The course language will be English.

- Kurssi niille, jotka aikovat tehdä toimenpiteitä hankkeissa on siirretty syksylle 2021 koronavirusepidemian vuoksi. Kurssi muuttuu pääasiallisesti verkkokurssiksi. Kurssikieli on englanti.

If you need the competence to carry out procedures before our next course, be in contact with Hanna-Marja. It is possible to attend a virtual course in some other Finnish university.

More information will be given in spring 2021

Hanna-Marja Voipio, email: Hanna-Marja.Voipio(at), Sakari Laaksonen, email Sakari.Laaksonen(at)

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