Introducing Professor Ulla Lassi

Professor Ulla Lassi is the head of the Research Unit of Sustainable Chemistry and a professor in the field of Applied Chemistry. 

Research group of professor Ulla Lassi is working in the field of inorganic material chemistry, such as battery chemicals, catalysts and adsorbents. Close collaboration with companies enables the commercialization of research results in short-term. Recently, new research related to printed Li-ion batteries is established. Lassi believes that this type of environmentally benign batteries with improved safety will increase Finnish role in battery business in the long-term when roll-to-roll printing can be applied for production. Prof. Lassi enjoyes her research work. “This is my dream and I enjoy working, especially excellent group and close company collaboration gives high motivation to this work”.

Viimeksi päivitetty: 28.10.2020