UBIKO -project was one of the 5 nominees of the EAPRIL Best Research & Practice Project Award

UBIKO is a pedagogical development project (2011-2013) with a wide-ranging approach (pedagogy, infrastructure, culture) to modify school life to the 21st century learning needs. UBIKO consists of 110 4th and 5th graders (age 10-11) working with their teachers in a designated unit of Oulu University Teacher Training School (OUTTS) and it is mainly funded by The Finnish National Board of Education (FNBE). Prof. Sanna Järvelä is responsible for the research in UBIKO.

The EAPRIL Best Research & Practice Project Award aims to recognise the best project by practitioner researchers in the field of education, learning and instruction, and training and development. Awarding committee shortlisted 5 and UBIKO was one of the nominees and it was presented in November in EAPRIL2013 -conference in Bien/Biel, Switzerland. More information from UBIKO: www.ubiko.eu

(UBIKO: ubiqutous technology enhanced learning)

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