SLAM Research project's first pilot completed

The first pilot study has been conducted related to the SLAM research project together with the partners from the Open University of Netherlands. The project aims at researching strategic regulation of learning both in individual and collaborative level via learning analytics and mobile clouds. Participants of the pilot study were 49 first and second year high school students from the Oulun Normaalikoulu. The pilot took place in Leaforum ( , where students had to work in groups to plan the perfect breakfast for different groups of people: marathon runners, cardiac patients and diabetics. The students used a learning environment accessed on IPADs to solve the task.

Multimodal data was collected from the participants while they were working: log data from the learning environment, eye-tracking data, data from physiological sensors and video data. The next step will be to start the analysis of these various sources of data to find out more about how students learn in groups, how they handle critical situations and what kinds of emotions they have throughout the learning session. The results from the pilot will direct the planning of the next experiment, which will be in the school context, in 2016.

This pilot was the result of the hard work of the many partners: the support from part of the Oulun Normaalikoulu staff and rector was essential to the success of this pilot, as was the help received from the Leaforum staff.


SLAM - Strategic regulation of learning through Learning Analytics and Mobile clouds for individual and collaborative learning success ( )

Viimeksi päivitetty: 20.4.2015