Prep21’s spring data collection has ended

Data collection in the PREP21 project has finished for this spring semester. The research team (Sanna Järvelä, Piia Näykki, Essi Vuopala, Jaana Isohätälä and Tero Paakki) collaborated with teachers of mathematics and natural sciences (Emilia Manninen, Vesa-Matti Sarenius, and Anne Pellikka) to gather data of collaborative learning situations in a teacher education context. Group work sessions of first year teacher students were video-recorded using the  state-of-the-art facilities of the Leaforum learning laboratory ( A research-based pedagogical model was used to promote collaboration and shared regulation of learning. Altogether 115 small group sessions were recorded. In addition, situation specific self-report questionnaires and a post-questionnaire were used to measure the students’ learning experiences. Read more about the project here:

Viimeksi päivitetty: 7.5.2015