LET team's SHARP project received funding

The Academy of Finland’s Committee on Culture and Society has made its funding decisions on last September’s call on Academy Projects. Two project proposals from our Faculty received funding from this highly competitive call: One is the LET Team's “Researching and supporting socially shared regulation in collaborative learning (SHARP)" project.

The aim of the project is to research socially shared regulation (SSRL) in collaborative learning groups and develop solutions to support group's regulation. We target trigger regulation situations in collaboration with the help of multimodalmethods and make invisible mental cognitive, motivational, and emotional learning processes visible for learners and teachers in order to allow them regulate those processes and learn more efficiently. Exploratory and intervention research will be conducted among high school students (N=400). SHARP extends the existing methodologies (self-reports, video, computer logs) using cutting edge physiological data. The methods and toolsused are based on learning analytics potential to trace and model learning processes. As multidisciplinary project, SHARP enables a significant scientific breakthrough in understanding in understanding learning as its unique multimodal dataset complements current understanding of how people learn.




Viimeksi päivitetty: 24.5.2019