TunTuVa (Emotion Regulation Support in Early Childhood Education)

LET researchers are contributing in the early childhood education field by helping early childhood educators to support young children’s emotion regulation skills as part of the everyday day care settings

LET experts arranged teacher training for the early childhood educators to help them to become more aware of the children’s emotion regulation processes and to find ways to support children’s emotion regulation processes when children are facing sosio-emotional challenges in everyday day care settings. This training is part of the one developmental project what LET team is leading in Finland. The project called TunTuVa (Emotion Regulation Support in Early Childhood Education) aims especially to support children’s emotion regulation skill development by supporting early childhood educators professional development with 4T-model what is created during the project based on the latest research that has been done in the field about the young children’s emotion regulation.

Training event that took place in Botanical Gardens of Oulu University was kick off for the “training season” that lasts 12 weeks. During becoming 12 weeks all participants, the early childhood educators will independently use the 4T-model in their work life. The effects of this developmental work will be also studied to see how the developed 4T-model actually support early childhood educators work and professional development. The results will be reported later on after the “training season”.


What is TunTuVa? TunTuVa is developmental project which is funded by the Finnish National Agency for Education. Project started on January 2019 and will last until June 2020. More information here: https://tuntuvahanke.wordpress.com/in-english/

Viimeksi päivitetty: 18.9.2019