Low-carbon business-ecosystem as a solution for the growth in rural regions (ARVO)


Project description

Northern Ostrobothnia is a sparsely populated region with long distances, thus heating of houses and transporting materials create high costs for companies, but are also major sources of carbon emission. That is why it is important to find solutions to cut these costs and emissions. In this project, the most important means to achieve that aim is to increase collaboration of companies i.e. in using shared logistics solutions and waste collection, but also finding cooperative ways to use premises and services.

By creating a low-carbon business-ecosystem it is possible to create solutions for rural municipalities to take a forerunner position in sustainable growth and creating best practices that can be transferred in other counties. Vitality in rural areas is strengthened by using low-carbon, economic solution as a part of the circular economy and using biogas as a fuel for heavy traffic. Furthermore, biogas production decrease dependence on fossil fuel and creates business opportunities for enterprises in production, retail, processing, and use. In this project creating and delivering information is essential.

The main results of the project are:

1) There are shared low-carbon solutions in business-ecosystem in waste management and purchases.
2) There is a regional, scaleable model for biogas production and optimation of raw materials.
3) Companies are aware of low-carbon best practices that are suitable for them, but they also recognize the ecological advantages of using them, so they are practicing them in their operations.

Project coordinator

University of Oulu


Nivala-Haapajärven seutu NIHAK ry, Nivalan Teollisuuskylä Oy, Nivalan kaupunki ja Nivalan Kaukolämpö Oy


Ulla Lehtinen


Ossi Kotavaara

Tutkimusjohtaja, Alueellinen erinomaisuus (REx)