TourSME -Tourism cooperation between SMEs


Project description

TourSME project is a two-year micro, small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) activating and training initiative in the regions of Russian Karelia, Kainuu, and Oulu region. The project contributes by activities increasing the capacity of enterprises to start cross-border economic cooperation by improving the capability of tourism industry enterprises enhancing development of cross-border tourism services in the program areas. The activation of SMEs takes place in three progressive levels: 1) information sharing and networking events 2) training sessions focused to SMEs and; 3) supporting cross-border piloting SMEs.

With the help of this project, the international tourists will find and visit the regions, where SMEs and tourism industry take new steps for cross-border cooperation diversifying industry structure on the both sides of the border. Tourism SMEs will join new types of cross-border cooperation, which inspires new enterprises to join in international tourism business.

The work packages (WPs) are:

WP1: Networking activation: raising SMEs’ awareness of cross-border tourism potential and cooperation possibilities.

WP2: Training SMEs on cross-border tourism service creation and marketing based on international demands.

WP3: Supporting SMEs’ and start-ups’ collaboration activities: piloting created cross-border tourism services.

WP4: Informing about best practices and dissemination (for authorities, for broader groups) of visualized cross-border tourism potential and SME business possibilities.

Project coordinator

University of Oulu


Oulu University of Applied Science, KainuunEtu ltd, City of Kostomuksha and Karelian Research Center (Petrozavodsk)