UMBR-ELLA (Universal Model Boosting Resilience – Entrepreneurial Learning Abroad)


Project description

UMBR-ELLA Project implements a training programme for micro-enterprises and SMEs in Northern Ostrobothnia region. The training develops resilience and competencies related to business activities abroad. The training consists of co-development workshops, participation in industry-specific fairs and collaboration with international networking events. As result, the project delivers the Entrepreneurial Learning Abroad (ELLA) model to boost resilience. The project supports both transversatile skills such us entrepreneurship, communication, team working, creativity and marketing. Main focus is on three strong industries with great potential for export activities: design, tourism and natural products. Also other companies are welvome and the activities will be tailored according to the needs of companies. The main target market of the project is Poland, also Germany will be covered.

Project coordinator

Centria University of Applied Sciences


Micro-entrepreneurship Center of Excellence MicroENTRE at University of Oulu, NIHAK, Raahen seudun kehitys, YTEK