Tuotantoteknologiaa kuvaava kuva

Research (FMT)

Research group’s research employs several disciplines from the technological research area, i.e. from material engineering to manufacturing technologies. The group aims to bring the best material properties to final products in a cost-effective way.

Research areas are e.g. material characterization and tailoring by using induction or laser heating. Material can also be surface-treated or cold formed. Static- and cyclic strength, microstructure, weldability etc. can be characterized by the group.

The FMT research group has also strong know-how in work operation and part designing and simulation, and also in workshop utilization. Group’s laboratory and equipment enables the additive manufacturing of plastic and metallic parts, welding and cost-effective production automation prototyping.


The FMT research group’s development areas are in designing, fabricating and using testing and piloting environments. The group also participates in technology development and implementation with partners, utilizing the latest fundamental results from academic research. FMT helps by moving the know-how from universities to industry, but works also as a developer of experimental methods for research.

Group studies e.g. future manufacturing technologies and materials with other leading research groups from the research area.

Last updated: 16.8.2019