e-Mentor-Entrepreneurship Mentoring for Young Graduate Women


Project description

e-Mentor aims to support young women and their intentions to found their own enterprises. The project includes a survey done by female students in higher education and their mentors, which charts out their economical skills and their motivation to be entrepreneurs. The results are reported and translated to all the languages used by partners, including Finnish. Outcome of the project is a mentoring platform, e-Mentor platform, with five parts: 1) mentoring for young entrepreneurs, 2) training programme for young entrepreneurs, 3) training for mentors, 4) principals and advantages of mentoring and 5) business models. Each partnering country chooses mentored students and their mentors for the training programme. This means to increase female students’ positive attitudes toward entrepreneurship and offer them the chance to get support from mentors in economics. The mentoring programme is planned to be establish as a part of the partners’ services after the experiment.

Project coordinator

Gazi Universitesi, Turkey


University of Oulu, Point LLC (Turkey), Zarif (Slovakia), FUNDACJA "MALOPOLSKA IZBA SAMORZADOWA" (Poland), Leean Trade Oy (Finland), Takidd (Turkey), WSEI (Poland), Mojmir (Slovakia)