Efficiency from additive manufacturing


Project description

In this project, the FMT group researches different manufacturing technologies applicable in post-treatment of 3D printed metal. The aim of the project is in trying to find methods to improve usability and tailoring of the desired features of the printed products. The research is conducted in the ELME Studio in Nivala. The objective is to create an efficient research and manufacturing environment in Nivala, which specializes in 3D printing and other manufacturing technologies, where all the strengths of different technologies can be integrated together with additive manufacturing.
The project develops post-treatment of 3D printed material by focusing on the desired features and purpose of the end-product, namely lightness, strength and other chosen features. The project researches and develops already existing post-treatment processes and methods in e.g. laser-based 3D printed metal products by experimenting with laser annealing, coating and heat-treatment. As a result, the project will produce researched knowledge and skills in integrating different manufacturing technologies with additive manufacturing in production, which in turn will fortify the research and manufacturing environment's ability to serve the businesses in the area with new competitive manufacturing solutions.
The project runs for three years. The partners in the project are the city of Nivala and NIHAK. The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Project coordinator

University of Oulu


City of Nivala, NIHAK, Mecapinta Ltd, Mecaplan Ltd, Senop Ltd, Sievi-Tools Ltd and Suunto Ltd.