New businesses from innovative system level product and service solutions


Project description

The FMT group is a partner in Oulu University of Applied Science's ULTRA project, where we design and build a four-wheel vehicle on land for research and test purposes. The vehicle runs on hybrid power and its frame is made from especially strong yet thin steel plate honeycomb structures. In addition, the vehicle will be fitted with the necessary sensors in order to measure the forces while driving, as well as follow the driver's driving pattern and course of action. The collected data will transfer wirelessly in real time to a cloud server, where the collected information will be analyzed for development purposes. Experimental research will provide new knowledge on system level product design, testing and manufacturing methods. The project is active from August of 2016 to September 2019. The objective of the project is to improve Northern Finland's manufacturing businesses and their design service provider's capabilities to design and make system level products as a whole instead of one component at a time.

Project coordinator

Oulu University of Applied Sciences