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EdGlo - Information for Alumni

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EdGlo Community - a worldwide professional network

The EdGlo community represents a total of 170 students from 56 different nationalities. Please, see statistics (2015) for detailed information on nationalities and background degrees.

The EdGlos are present on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Alumni network of the University of Oulu. Come and join us! This is one way of keeping in touch with the EdGlo community - your former classmates and with the EdGlo staff at the Faculty.

Please let us know if your present organisation is willing to offer an internship placement to one of our current students!

Alumni stories

Dan, Galina, Sebastiao, Hieu, Kati, and Valentine are EdGlo alumni. See here to learn about their experiences in Edglo. 

More Edglo students and alumni ambassadors: see their stories (Elisabeth, Ameera, Marita and Kiyoko).

Alumni network of the University of Oulu

All new and former EdGlo students can register to the Alumni society of the University of Oulu as an EdGlo alumni. When registering, please add information where you work currently. You can register as an alumni even if you have not graduated yet. Membership in the Alumni network is free of charge.

Alumni - Staying close to your alma mater
Welcome to join the alumni society of the University of Oulu! University of Oulu over 40 000 alumni are spread all over the world. The University wants to stay close to all of you. Join the alumni community at the alumni network. By joining you receive news and announcements about upcoming events, publications, research activities and educational development.

  • The alumni network is an online networking and communication solution for alumni to keep in touch with other alumni and the University.
  • In the mentoring programme an alumnus/alumna gives guidance and supports a graduating student from his/her degree programme.
  • The University Day (Yliopistopäivä) in May. The University of Oulu Association (Oulun yliopistoseura) and the University arrange an annual celebration in May. During the celebration the Alumni of the Year is announced.
  • Newsletter for alumni network members each month.
  • Events. The University, departments, students guilds, the University of Oulu association and the alumni can all be active in organising events.

In case of any questions or problems with registration or if you are interested in active involvement in alumni activities, please contact the alumni coordinator at alumni(at)

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