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EdGlo - Information for current students

Programme Handbook

Course Schedules
Course schedules are available in Weboodi. Please check any changes in teaching times and venues on a weekly basis.

Guidebooks: Practicalities and formalities
As an EdGlo student you need to register annually to the university. In addition you need to register to each course you attend in the beginning of semester. The registration is done via Weboodi. Regulations for lecture attendance, credits, grades, exams, deadlines etc. in the Faculty of Education are also noteworthy.

Study Guidance and Counselling
Guidance and counselling are available throughout the two-year studies in the EdGlo programme. There are various counsellors, advisors and offices which you can contact on campus when you need help in academic or practical matters.

In the beginning of the studies each EdGlo student produces a Personal Study Plan (PSP) that will be reviewed during the course of studies. PSP is a written plan which consists of two parts and includes information on structure and timing of studies, student's study and career goals, and implementation and realisation of different elements of the study programme. Please, read the PSP instructions

Guidebook: Toolkit for Academic Essays and Master’s Theses 
The EdGlo Toolkit provides introduction and guidance in writing essays and Master’s theses at the Faculty of Education. The Toolkit also aims at helping the students in the details related to the graduation process (what to do to - step by step). In addition, it gives a brief overview of good scientific practice and the prevention of plagiarism. We are currently updating the toolkit. Please, see the EdGlo Toolkit (updated 11.4.2019).

Master’s Theses and Graduation
One third of the EdGlo programme (35 ECTS credits) involves acquiring research tools, conducting research and writing a Master’s thesis in a collaborative and multicultural research environment. Here you can see the list of the completed Master's Theses (updated 8.6.2016). For more information on theses and graduation processes (templates, forms and deadlines etc.), please refer to Theses and Graduation.

The EdGlo students are required to carry out an internship period of at least 1½ months (or complete minimum of 80 hours of project work). The internship offers the possibility to develop professional competencies in a variety of different settings such as intergovernmental agencies, non-governmental organisations and educational institutions. You can find the course description in WebOodi.

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