Kursseja viikingeistä ja ihmisten ja arktisen ympäristön suhteesta

Lähiviikkoina alkaa useita kiinnostavia Scandinavian Studies -kokonaisuuteen kuuluvia kursseja pohjoismaisesta mytologiasta, viikingeistä ja arktisen ympäristön ja ihmisten välisistä suhteista. Jo alkaneillekin kursseille ehtii vielä mukaan. Korvaavuuksista kulttuuriantropologiaan voi kysellä eri opintojaksojen vastuuhenkilöiltä.

683782P Nordic Mythology, 5 op

29.10.-10.12.2020 (online)

The course investigates traditional and contemporary Finnish and Scandinavian folklore and mythologies and their uses in the arts, social life, and politics in the Nordic countries both past and present. Upon the completion of the course, students will be familiarized with the mythological heritage of Scandinavia and its contemporary expressions.



683785P People and Environment in (sub-)Arctic Europe, 5 op

9.10.-23.11.2020 (on campus, face masks and hand sanitizer will be provided, attention is paid on keeping distance)

The course explores the interactions between (sub-)Arctic societies and their natural environments in Northern Europe. Topics to discuss include the salient features of such northern environments, the availability and utilization of natural resources, and the effects of global environmental changes (incl. climate change) on local northern livelihoods. Upon completion of the course the students will be familiarized with the natural environments of Norway, Sweden and Finland and will gain a comprehensive overview of the way people live in such environments. They will be able to: discuss about environmental conflicts in Fennoscandinavia taking into consideration global environmental issues such as climate change, follow the public discussions around environmental matters in the media (newspapers etc.) and work in group and build their own reflections on group activities.



683787P Viking Age and the Middle Ages in Scandinavia, 5 op

3.11.-8.12.2020 (online)

The course will give you an overview to the Viking Age and the Middle Ages in Scandinavia. The focus is on understanding what cultural and historical factors unite the Scandinavian countries during the periods in question. In addition, the Viking Age is viewed and discussed as a phenomenon in contemporary popular culture. The Viking Age and the Middle Ages are contextualized via Icelandic saga literature which is used in translations during the course.



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