Primary Industries and Transformational Change (PITCH)

2014 – 2018

The general aim of the consortium is to investigate the preconditions for societal transformation required to respond to projected climate change consequences. The project is funded by the Research Council of Norway. The research partners are the Nordland Research Institute, Western Norway Research Institute, CICERO and Norwegian Meteoro-logical Institute, all from Norway, as well as King’s College, London.

The consortium consists of seven work packages. Cultural Anthropology is responsible of work package 5 “Participatory planning of adaptation scenarios in the Swedish-Finnish border region”. WP5 will build on results from the project CLICHÉ funded by Academy of Finland (FICCA pro-gram, 2011–2014). Our objective is to identify the role of governmental organizations in charge of reindeer herding in setting the preconditions for the realization of local adaptation strategies and to examine sector specific transformation challenges with future scenarios of local major land users and industries.

The project focuses on how governance, values and norms and organizations are important preconditions for societal transformation to happen in a climate change context. The project conducts a cross-case comparative analysis of the perceptions of risk of the agents of change. The objectives are to assess how the role of scientific knowledge and the different perceptions of risks among the national authorities, sectoral interest organizations and local industry actors shape the preconditions for transformation.

Working group: Hannu I. Heikkinen, Teresa Komu, Élise Lépy, Simo Sarkki, Karoliina Vanhanen.

Project website: https://cicero.oslo.no/en/posts/projects/pitch

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