MOPO – Wellness Study of the Conscription-aged


The MOPO study is a multidisciplinary intervention project in which a novel wellness coaching service is developed in order to activate Finnish men of conscription age towards more active lifestyles – both physically and socially. The project began with the hypothesis that gamified or game-like elements in such service might be an effective way to activate young men. The project is funded by the Ministry of Education and Culture, the Centre for Military Medicine, the Northern Ostrobothnia ELY Centre, TEKES (ERDF), and PPSHP.  The other research partners are Oulu Deaconess Institute Department of Sports and Exercise Medicine, the City of Oulu, Virpiniemi Sports Institute, Finnish Defence Forces, and wellness technology companies from northern Finland.

Cultural anthropology participates in this project by collecting and analysing user experiences during the development phase of the wellness service. The target group participates in the development process in the testing phase through user feedback. One of our tasks is to ensure that the rest of the project staff receives accurate information about the opinions, preferences, and user experiences of the target group concerning the service development. Main methods are stakeholder interviews and participation in the testing situations with the young men.

Researchers: Hannu I. Heikkinen and Tim Luoto 

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