A Year in the Ice - MOSAiC: Multidisciplinary Drifting Observatory for the Study of Arctic Climate

MOSAiC is an international expedition to study the Arctic climate system, from ocean to ice to atmosphere. 

UOulu project in MOSAiC: Arctic Water Isotope Processes, Welker et al.

A study of the interactions between sea ice, atmospheric processes and synoptic climatology.


Quantify the water vapor and precipitation isotopes from the Polarstern and an adjoining set of land-based stations surrounding the Arctic Ocean.

Science Questions

How do sea ice conditions and atmospheric transport attributes control and effect water vapor and precipitation isotope properties in the Arctic and adjoining regions?

To learn more about the work, please see:  https://mosaic.colorado.edu/jeff-welker-et-al-mosaic  &  https://mosaic.colorado.edu/people/jeff-welker 

MOSAiC -  the largest polar expedition in history


Last updated: 5.2.2020