Robust 2D materials for sensors, photo and electrocatalysis (ROAR)

Project description

Have you ever thought that a material can detect analytes well below ppm concentrations even at room temperature outperforming any semiconducting metal oxide based sensors, it has excellent photosensitivity to harvest sunlight for photochemical processes, and it is a promising catalyst in electrochemical reactions? Transition metal dichalcogenide (TMDs) based hybrid materials combine all such properties, and can do probably even more by smart materials engineering supported by computational chemistry. To make it happen, multidisciplinary research teams of the University of Oulu will explore new chemistries and structures to demonstrate environmental and energy applications that support our global efforts in sustainability.

  More information about the Project:  Prof. Krisztian Kordas


Daniela Bezuidenhout

Daniela Bezuidenhout

Associate Professor of Inorganic Chemistry