Quantum simulations

Continuously observed quantum matter with superconducting circuits

Project description

Superconducting circuit based quantum technology sprints towards larger and less noisy quantum hardware. Despite the progress, near-future midsize noisy quantum devices will not be capable for textbook quantum information protocols. The challenge is: What useful problems can we solve with quantum hardware before it is large and clean enough for running typical quantum algorithms? This project proposes that they could be used to simulate continuously observed quantum matter to provide more understanding on quantum entanglement and quantum measurements in many-body settings. The project paves a way for quantum memory and quantum computation applications currently challenged by many-body effects of disorder, dissipation and measurement backaction. This project belongs to the research fields of fundamental material physics and quantum physics and it is conducted in the research unit of nano and molecular systems at the University of Oulu led by Academy Research Fellow Matti Silveri.

The research group of Superconducting Quantum Simulations and Computing (www.oulu.fi/nanomo/quantum) is a theoretical physics group focusing in phenomena of many-body physics and open quantum systems in arrays of superconducting quantum devices, bosonic quantum-error correction and superconducting quantum circuits. Research methods combine numerical, analytical and collaborative experimental approaches. The group works towards understanding and accelerating near-future superconducting quantum simulation and quantum computing advances. Recent research highlights are many-body localization with superconducting transmon arrays, broadband Lamb shift in an engineered quantum system and theory of quantum circuit refrigeration based on superconducting-normal-metal hybrid circuits.


Matti SIlveri

Matti Silveri

Academy Research Fellow and project PI