Jussi Paakkari

New Research Director Jussi Paakkari is developing the future scenarios of the Kvantum Institute

Dr. (Tech.) Jussi Paakkari has been nominated as a new Research Director of the University of Oulu Kvantum Institute. He will co-operate closely with the Scientific Director Seppo Vainio for building up the research strategy of the Kvantum Institute according to the future scenarios and finally the research of the Kvantum Institute will be enlarged.

Jussi Paakkari is having a long experience on R&D work. He has been working at VTT Ltd. over 32 years including the management responsibilities of the R&D functions for the latest 20 years. Those large research projects have focused on the development of mobile and other communication systems, industrial IoT systems, printed electronics and microelectronics, biosensors and optoelectronic measurement systems. Paakkari was one of the key persons contributing to the establishment of the Finnish national 5G technology program.

”The projects have included wide co-operation networks in Finland, but also for example with UC Berkeley and China. I have also participated in EU programs from the beginning. I now try to put my experience and competence in good use for the development of the Kvantum Institute”, Jussi Paakkari says.

Kvantum Institute is making research on the University's strategic focus areas Sustainable materials and systems and Changing climate and northern environmentThe Institute promotes interdisciplinary networking of research groups as well as co-operation between groups and doctoral education.

”As a Research Director my job is to build the future scenarios of the Kvantum Institute research and research strategy together with Prof. Seppo Vainio, who takes care of the scientific vision. This all will be made together with the researchers in the focus areas coordinated by Kvantum and is based on the strategy, with an aim to expand the research activities”, says Paakkari.

He already knows many university people specially those who are working on electronics and ICT research. He has participated long time to the work made in the other focus institute Infotech and acting as a chairman of the board. Paakkari is alumni of the University of Oulu: he graduated his MSc. in 1990 and defended his doctoral dissertation (Tech.) in 1998.

”An essential part of the development of the Kvantum Institute will be to strengthen the interdisciplinary research. I wish that I can support this with my long experience on building up the projects and applying funding. There are excellent opportunities both in Finnish national and EU level programs, which help us to create something bigger together with our scientists and doctoral students”, plans Paakkari for the future.

After making together the future scenario and research strategy of the Kvantum Institute, we can implement top quality research. “When the content and quality of the research is in order, everything else is easier. High quality research is gaining a lot of other things”, he sums.

“I warmly welcome Jussi Paakkari to the University of Oulu to develop interdisciplinary research and to support our researchers’ work in international networks and success in both national and international funding applications. His strong experience in leading positions at VTT will certainly bring new competence and views which our university needs to further develop its research on focus areas in order to solve global challenges”, comments Vice Rector Taina Pihlajaniemi.


Last updated: 7.10.2021