Kvantum Institute will launch a new event - Science Coffee

Kvantum Institute will launch a new event, Friday Morning Science Coffee - hot coffee and hot science -

Science Coffee aims to be casual and relaxed discussion forum where researchers can present new ideas, get feedback and collaboration within or outside of own discipline, discuss about methods or other scientific practices, or just raise discussion about topical themes.

Our aim is to make Science Coffee a tradition: hot coffee and hot science is to be served approximately once a month in Tellus Innovation Arena. Science Coffees will be launched in autumn 2018, but as a taster the 1st Science Coffee is organized on June 8th, starting at 09:00, in Tellus Frost Club on a theme  "The Biodiversity that we breathe: Microbiomes in the air and their implications for the health of individuals and ecosystems”. The main Science Baristas include: Nonne Prisle, Phillip Watts, Eva Kallio and Jukka Forsman.

Last updated: 5.6.2018