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ArcI Visit grants

Researchers/collaborators of the University of Oulu  are invited to apply for visit grants for international research visits. Especially, the emphasis is on the visits strongly related to the Arctic research and focus on ArcI research themes.

The visit grants may be used to cover travel and accomodation costs. NOTE! Outgoing grants will be given to the research unit of the UniOulu to cover part of the total costs and incoming grants are personal grants. (See process flow and guidelines in PDF. )

The following guidelines and principles have to be taken account while applying a visit grant:

  1. The Research visit corresponds to a period (the length can range from a week to six months (24 weeks)) which the applicant will carry out research work related to the Arctic research in an organisation  abroad.
  2. The Visit grants will be  awarded for postdocs, university researchers and professors.
  3. The Visit grant can be used in conference travel grants for arctic conferences only when the applicant has other duties (like chairmanship) than a presentation during the conference. Similarly when attending the project preparation event the role of the applicant must be at least at the level of work package leader.
  4. The visit grant must be applied before the visit with cooperation with both host and sending unit.
  5. The grant must be used for the purpose for which it is awarded. Changes to the use of the grant are not allowed after it has been awarded.
  6. Previous visit grants awarded by the ArcI profile action will also be taken into account during the decision process.

The amount of the grant is a fixed support 245€/week plus travel costs (max 1000€) when an outgoing visit and for incoming visitors outside UniOulu max 1000€ travel costs plus 1000€/week (1-2 weeks) or 2400€/month  following the instructions of the Academy of Finland.  No applicant will be awarded more than one grant in a given year. Grants are never awarded retro-actively: they must be applied for before the trip.

There are no application deadlines for visit grants but the call is open continuously. Grants will be decided by Arctic Interactions Management Group.

Process to apply for an ArcI visit grant

The visit grants must be applied using the Visit Grant Application Form. The application form must be accompanied by the following documents:

  1. Motivation letter focusing to the added value of the visit to your own research and to the arctic research at the University of Oulu.
  2. A letter of recommendation from your host organisation, indicating the importance of this visit to the promotion of the international cooperation of the University of Oulu.
  3. Your short CV (max 3 pages).

Incomplete applications, or applications arriving after the visit, will not be considered. 

For further information, please contact the coordinator (jouko.inkeroinen ät ) or the directors of the Arctic Interactions profile action.

Last updated: 20.3.2019