Wildlife-originated zoonoses in the changing northern environment

Project description

Emerging research project on the focus area Earth and near-space system and environmental change
Focus institute: Kvantum
Faculty: Science

Wildlife-originated zoonotic diseases pose a substantial risk to humans. Quantifying this risk is complex as it arises from the interplay of multiple host, vector and parasite species, and the environment.

This project will quantify the role of host community composition and environmental drivers in wildlife-originated zoonotic disease epidemiology in Finland. This will be achieved by integrating long-term human disease incidence data with unique data on host communities and environmental factors, using state-of-the-art community ecological analytical and modeling tools. The ultimate goal is a better identify the factors that drive the epidemiology of zoonotic diseases in changing northern environment in order to inform intervention strategies.

Researcher, PhD student Mahdi Aminikhah
Email Mahdi.Aminikhah at oulu.fi

Key words: Wildlife-originated zoonoses, infection ecology, host community composition, environmental change



Eva Kallio

Eva R. Kallio

Academy Research Fellow