Earth system sciences, ecohydrology and human societal resiliency

The tenure track position “Earth system sciences, ecohydrology and human societal resiliency” will strengthen the ArcI research area “Global change & northern environments”. This research encompasses physical geography, hydrology, water resources and ecohydrology, aquatic and terrestrial ecology as well as ecosystem processes. The research includes studies on geodiversity, permafrost thaw feedbacks, seasonal frost traits, snow dynamics in catchments, peatland hydrology, hydrological fluxes and moisture sources, biodiversity effects on ecosystem resilience and health, trace gas feedbacks, and interactions among organisms within and among trophic levels. The research builds on long-term experimental studies, numerical modelling and statistics to analyse past and future climate and land use.
The research in “Earth system sciences, ecohydrology and human societal resiliency”  analyse complex interactions between geodiversity-biodiversity-hydrology-ecology responses using novel modelling approaches, observational techniques, and ICT tools to understand complex feedbacks and processes and provide an integrated basis for decision-making and policies.
The Research Council of the University of Oulu has appointed Dr.Sc.(Tech.) Hannu Marttila,  Faculty of Technology, to the tenure track position as Assistant professor level.
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Last updated: 2.4.2020