Arctic architecture and environmental adaptation

 “Arctic architecture and environmental adaptation” research area will strengthen the ArcI research theme “Sustainable systems, resource use and development”. This research covers a broad set of expertise that is needed to provide sustainable solutions for urbanisation, infrastructure, water and environmental protection, human health and good quality of life. The current research also includes a strong focus on sustainable use of Northern natural resources, sustainable winter cities, urban infrastructure (such as intelligent lighting, transport systems) and massive-wood architecture, mineral resources and biomasses utilisation, and participatory action studies and Arctic culture.

Research methods include for example analysis of the past solutions, process and product development with the industry and research by design, which offers possibilities in modelling future solutions of built environment and urban structure.

The research in “Arctic architecture and environmental adaptation” integrates science across disciplines to support land use planning, building and infrastructure design and to consider future risks for environment and the society by linking multidisciplinary environmental and cultural studies, policy-making and design research.

New Faculty members:

The Research Council of the University of Oulu has appointed Dr.Sc.(Tech.) Anu Soikkeli, Oulu School of Architecture, Faculty of Technology, to the tenure track position as an associate professor level. Postdoctoral Research Fellow Outi Autti and PhD Student Päivi Magga are members of Soikkeli's ArcI research team.

More information about the research area:

Research groups/units at the University of Oulu

Oulu School of Architecture
Structures and Construction Technology

Principal Investigators

Prof. Janne PIHLAJANIEMI (architecture)
Prof. Rainer MAHLAMÄKI (architecture)
Prof. Antti NIEMI (construction technology)

Last updated: 14.12.2020