Svalbard reindeer

Reindeer turning maritime

In the new Ecosphere Journal article Prof. Jeff Welker's international consortium shows that wild Svalbard reindeer populations can buffer the effects of climate change  in part by behavioral plasticity and increased use of resource subsidies. Based on annual population surveys in late winters 2006–2015, the proportion of individual reindeer feeding along the shoreline increased the icier the winter.

Reindeer turning maritime: Ice‐locked tundra triggers changes in dietary niche utilization.

Brage Bremset Hansen,  Jon Runar Lorentzen,  Jeffrey M. Welker,  Øystein Varpe,  Ronny Aanes, Larissa Teresa Beumer, Åshild Ønvik Pedersen

The full text of this arctic research article can be found:


Last updated: 5.6.2019