Kvantum research projects for 2021-2024: preregistration for the applicants

Preregistration for the applicants of Kvantum Institute research projects is open. Deadline for the preregistration is June 23, 2019

This is an important notice for all principal investigators (PIs) planning to participate in the upcoming Kvantum Institute research project call for 2021-2024. Those who are planning to apply are requested to preregister by June 23, 2019.

The preregistration material is due to the selection process of independent experts for the evaluation panel by the Academy of Finland. Only PIs preregistered are eligible.

The proposed research projects should represent well-focused research of high international quality within the University's strategic focus areas of Earth and near-space system and environmental change or Creating sustainability through materials and systems coordinated by focus institute Kvantum.

The Principal Investigator(s) (PI) should:

  • be recognized in their field of science  
  • have high-quality scientific publications and
  • have demonstrated ability to gain notable external funding for research. 

The PI(s) and other researchers in the project should be affiliated with the University of Oulu, and the team must work at the University of Oulu; the project PI(s) has or negotiates an affiliation with the University. This has to be clearly indicated in the actual application.

Please note that application process includes two stages: 

1. Preregistration

2. Call for projects

The actual call (including a research plan for 2021 – 2024) for the projects will open in late autumn 2019.

Only one preregistration and application per researcher is accepted. The preregistration documents should be combined in the order shown below and submitted as a single pdf-file.

The preregistration file should be named as responsible PI's lastname_firstname_kvantum.pdf and sent electronically to the Registry Office of the University of Oulu (kirjaamo@oulu.fi) by June 23, 2019.

Preregistration document (parts 1 – 3):

1. Information sheet:

1.1. Principal Investigator(s): name, contact information, e-mail, degrees awarded, current position, Unit, Faculty (if there is more than one PI, please indicate who is the responsible project leader)

1.2. Other project PI(s)*: name, contact information, degrees awarded, current position, e-mail, Unit, Faculty

1.3. Working title of the research project

1.4. List of key words (max 10)

1.5. Research field classification  by the Academy of Finland 

1.5.1. Main field(s)

1.5.2. Subfield(s)

2. Abstract (max. 3000 characters), describing the key aspects of research plan. The abstract (i.e. the summary of the research plan) should provide an overview of the scientific content:

2.1. Research objectives

2.2. Research methods and material

3. List of publications:

3.1. The PI's* (the responsible project leader's) ten most important publications in terms of the research plan

3.2. The other PIs' together max. 10 most important publications in terms of the research plan

The preregistration material is used only for the selection of evaluator candidates by the Academy of Finland and it is not part of the evaluation process and its materials, and it is not provided to the evaluation panel. Those preregistered may change the type of application (a research team, consortium or an individual PI) for the actual call, but all names should be known for the evaluator pool selection process.

Further information:
Quality Manager Aija Ryyppö: e-mail aija.ryyppo(at)oulu.fi, Tel. 0505917188




Last updated: 5.6.2019