Japanese にほんごコース 日本語

Japanese studies are more popular today than ever before.  Why is that?

  • Changes in the economic balance of the world have made the Asian languages increasingly important to future careers.
  • The culture and especially the popular culture of Japan are interesting to more and more people.
  • Possibilities for student and scholar exchange have increased.
  • Information technology offers new features that help in reading and writing Japanese language.

At the University of Oulu Japanese has been taught since the 1980’s. Japanese is an optional language for all university students.

The courses provided by the Languages and Communication unit of the University of Oulu offer a good opportunity to get to know the language and culture. There is also a possibility to study Japanese language, culture and history even further by choosing the Japanese Studies minor, which is taught in cooperation with the Languages and Communication Unit and the History Department.

The Japanese courses are targeted at the bachelor's degree students of the University of Oulu as part of their degree.
If you are an exchange student or a master's degree student, you may apply for a special study permission.  Please ask the teacher of the course for a possibility to study.

Japanese courses

905040Y Elementary Course in Japanese

905042Y Elementary Course in Japanese 1 - 4 ECTS
905047Y Japanese KANA and KANJI Course 1 - 2 ECTS
905048Y Japanese KANA and KANJI Course 2 - 2 ECTS
905043Y Elementary Course in Japanese 2 - 4 ECTS

905041Y Intermediate Course in Japanese

905044Y Intermediate Course in Japanese 1 - 4 ECTS
905049Y Japanese KANJI Course - 2 ECTS
905050Y Japanese KANJI Course 2 - 2 ECTS
905045Y Intermediate Course in Japanese 2 - 4 ECTS

Advanced Course in Japanese

905054Y Reading Comprehension (Distance studies) - 2 ECTS (autumn term)
905055Y Writing Skills (Distance studies) - 2 ECTS (spring term)
905053Y Conversation Skills - 2 ECTS (not available)
905046Y Japanese - Finnish Tandem - 2 - 4 ECTS