Our services and pricing information.

Our services are available to the research and teaching staff at the University of Oulu. We offer

  • methodological support and help you with questions concerning state-of-the-art teaching and learning solutions,
  • help in designing, developing and executing research experiments for learning and interaction research,
  • support in the use of video technology as part of different research arrangements,
  • a broad multidisciplinary research network and possibility to connect with Finnish and international research communities and researchers,
  • ideas for utilising the infrastructure as part of your new research project and how to integrate it in your funding applications,

The LeaF space, including its technology and equipment, is also available for users from other universities, research organisations and private companies.

LeaF stores data recorded in it for one year. After this, users have to find a repository for the material from another server.

Pricing information

Users not affialated with University of Oulu

Rent for space 1200e/d or 150e/h


Users from University of Oulu

60€/h (minimum of two hours)






No additional costs from using equipment, if you need support staff additional fee of 20€ will be added per hour.


How to Acknowledge Name of the  Research Infrastructure

LeaF - Research Infrastructure is supported by the University of Oulu and by Name of the Other possible funder and evaluated mainly on the basis of publications and thesis of its users. All academic users using the infrastructure are required to acknowledge its use in all their publications resulting from the work done here.

This secures development of the infrastructure and helps to keep the user fees at a reasonable level.

Preferred version:

This work/Part of the work was carried out with the support of LeaF - Research Infrastructure, University of Oulu, Finland.

Last updated: 13.6.2019