10.4.2019 News

New Ph.D Students in LET

The LET research unit welcomes two new PhD students: Ahsen Cini and Tatiana Shubina. The new researchers will be involved in the CLEVER research project, developing their dissertations based on the

3.4.2019 News

LET research seminar - dissertation manuscript presentation

On the LET research seminar 3rd of April at 14.00-16.00 in KTK 311-312 Mwanakhamis Adam Ameir is presenting her dissertation manuscript entitled:  

26.11.2018 News

Open seminar: “Multimodal data and multidisciplinary research on learning”

The LET research unit is organizing the open seminar “Multimodal data and multidisciplinary research on learning”, as part of the Gen Z project.

16.10.2018 News

PhD Piia Näykki’s post-doctoral research project received funding from Finnish Science Academy

The project explores emotions in collaborative learning, particularly by observing and supporting emotion regulation in teacher education context.

12.9.2018 News

Intensive data collection underway in LET

New data about learning processes is currently being collected in LeaForum research facilities.

20.8.2018 News

Assistant professor Toni Rogat from Purdue University visiting Oulu

The LET team has the pleasure to welcome assistant professor Toni Rogat from Purdue University, USA (https://www

26.1.2018 News

Thank you for applying to study in LET

The first application period for the LET Master’s Programme starting in autumn 2017 has ended. We got 187 applications, more than ever!

26.9.2017 News

Prof. Michael Baker from Telecom-Paristech visiting Oulu

In September 25-26 the LET team has the pleasure to welcome prof. Michael Baker and Francoise Detienne from the University of Telecom-Paristech to Oulu. Prof.

5.9.2017 News

LET is welcoming research visitors from the US and Canada

In the following week(s), the LET team will be priviledged to have three research visitors, PhD students Aishah Bakhtiar (University of Victoria, Canada), Kayley Lyons and Nikki Lobczowski (Univers

16.6.2017 News

OKM myönsi rahoitusta opettajankoulutuksen kehittämiseen

LET koordinoi uutta opettajankoulutuksen kehittämishanketta: Opettajat oppimistaitojen ja digipedagogiikan kehittäjäyhteisöissä – OpenDigi.

23.5.2017 News

Several LET doctors participated in the University of Oulu's 10th Conferment Ceremony

During the last weekend the University of Oulu celebrated its 10th Conferment Ceremony.

6.4.2017 News

PhD student Külli Kori from the University of Tartu is visiting the LET -team

As a part of the LET collaboration with colleagues from the University of Tartu, Estonia, the LET is pleased to have a new research visitor, Külli Kori.

5.4.2017 News

EmReg – data collection finished

The EmReg project, which focuses on investigating pupils’ emotion regulation as a part of self-regulated learning process and was launched last Autumn in LET, has now got a great start also in term

27.3.2017 News

The LET is going to EARLI2017!

The 17th Biennial EARLI Conference will be held in the University of Tampere, Finland, at the end of August with a theme "Education in the crossroads of economy and politics – Role

28.2.2017 News

First pilot of the Innostava -project going on now

The first pilot of the EU-funded Innostava -project is now up and running.

9.11.2016 News

The first EARLI SIG27 conference will take place in Oulu in November

The first EARLI SIG27 conference with a theme Processes matter – Measures, Analysis and Applications for Tracing Learning will take place in the University of Oulu on the 29th of November – 1st of

25.8.2016 News

New LET students have arrived!

New LET students have arrived in Oulu! In LET 2016-2018 study group, we have 17 students from 12 different countries. Congratulations to all new students!

11.8.2016 News

Post doc researcher Muhterem Dindar and University Teacher Hany Hachem have joined the LET forces!

The LET team is happy to have two new team members this Autumn:

11.8.2016 News

Dr. Deborah Pino-Pasternak visiting the LET team

The LET team is honored to welcome Dr. Deborah Pino-Pasternak to visit the University of Oulu on 15th-19th of August.

10.6.2016 News

Assistant Professor Hanna Järvenoja received funding from Academy of Finland for EmReg -project

Assistant professor Hanna Järvenoja has received funding from Academy of Finland for a research project studying secondary school pupils' emotion regulation (EmReg).

20.5.2016 News

Arttu Mykkänen has defended his doctoral thesis "Young children's success in learning situations"

Arttu Mykkänen defended his doctoral thesis on 29th of April. The topic of the thesis was: Young children’s success in learning situations – actions, views and appraisals in learning contexts.

30.3.2016 News

Funding for new INNOSTAVA -project

LET-team is participating in a new research project with researchers from Oulu school of architecture. The project has now received funding from EAKR Council of Oulu region.