Minor subject studies in Educational Technology

Minor Studies in Educational Technology are an essential part of LET Master’s Degree Programme. It is also a valuable minor subject for any other students who aim to work with learning, education and technology. The minor studies produce knowledge and skills that are essential in working life today. In these studies the students learn to know the basics of Learning sciences and the field of educational technology. The goal of the studies is to learn to understand the processes of learning, supporting it with various instructional and technological tools. The studies are based on recent learning research and theoretical knowledge of learning. In these studies the students apply this knowledge to design technology-enhanced learning and implement an educational project. The studies are implemented with various methods, and working and studying in different groups has a major role in the studies. Learning is reflected throughout the studies in each student’s personal digital portfolio.

After completion of the Introductory Studies in Educational Technology, the student knows how to

  • identify the core concepts and theoretical frameworks in learning and educational technology
  • use technology to support learning and evaluate its pedagogical usability
  • design technology-enhanced learning
  • plan, implement and evaluate educational projects
  • work and study efficiently in teams
  • reflect on and present his/her own expertise in a digital portfolio

All students in LET master's programme must complete minor subject studies in Introductory Studies of Educational Technology.

Last updated: 12.6.2018