Advanced studies in Educational Sciences 2015-2017

All the students in the LET Master’s Degree Programme must complete 80 credits of major subject studies.

After completion of the Major Subject Studies, the students will be able to:

  • explain the process of self-regulated learning
  • develop their self-regulated and co-regulated learning skills
  • understand the theoretical basis of CSCL and possess an ability to implement it in practice by designing and evaluating it
  • examine the concept of technology-enhanced learning theoretically
  • implement the practices of using technology-enhanced learning
  • examine the concept of learning of expertise
  • use their own expertise in a life-long process of learning
  • use research literature and research methods from the field of the learning sciences and educational technologies
  • conduct scientific research combining learning and technology

The advanced studies in educational sciences 2015-2017 consist of the following courses:

413311S Self-Regulated Learning (SRL)
413312S Collaborative Learning (COLLAB)
413313S Learning of Expertise (EXPERT)
413314S Designing Technology-Enhanced Learning 2 (TEL2)
413317S Literature (LIT)
408517S-01 Quantitative methodology (QUANT)
408517S-02 Qualitative methodology (QUALI)
408043S Thesis studies (RESEARCH)


Last updated: 21.8.2015