Learning of Expertise, 2015-2017

Code 413313S
ECTS Credits 10
Language of instruction



1st and 2nd year studies in the LET Master’s Programme

Learning outcomes

After the completion of this course, the student

  • is able to examine the learning of expertise as a lifelong process that one can pursue oneself
  • understands the theoretical framework for the learning of expertise and is able to apply it in practice
  • is able to interpret and explain the factors affecting the learning of expertise
  • is able to monitor and reflect on learning and awareness of one’s competence to excel in authentic situations in working life
  • Education, working life and expertise
  • Theoretical background of the learning of expertise
  • Working strategies characteristic of an expert
  • Collaborative problem solving methods
Mode of delivery face-to-face and online
Learning activities and teaching methods

Students will work on three cases using collaborative problem solving methods.

Case 1 (3 credits)

Students will  reflect on their own expertise as a process by writing an expert profile (five times during 2-year programme)

Case 2 (3 credits)

Students will participate in the process of mentoring as they will be working as mentees in their 1st year of studies and as mentors in their 2nd year of studies.

Case 3 (4 credits)

In this course there will also be casework implemented together with working life partners.

Target group

1st and 2nd year students in the LET Master’s Programme

Reading materials To be announced at the beginning of the course
Assessment methods and criteria

Active participation in face-to-face and collaborative and individual learning. Successful completion of all the learning assignments and exercises.

Grading 0-5
Person responsible Essi Vuopala and Niina Impiö, substitute Karoliina Hautala


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