International workshop guests envisioned the future of technology-enhanced learning and interaction


The LET organized an international scientific workshop about “Current and emerging technologies in research for human learning and interaction" on October 10-11, 2019. The intimate workshop brought together 26 top researchers from fields of research on collaborative learning and social interaction, including Michael J. Baker, Sanna Järvelä, Pentti Haddington, Armin Weinberger, and Kristine Lund.

The key question of the workshop was: what can we teach technology about human learning and social interaction? Drawing from concepts such as embodiment, joint attention, emotion regulation, the workshop participants discussed the opportunities and challenges brought upon by technology in learning and interaction. Several technologies were discussed, including AI systems, mobile devices, online collaborative platforms, physiological data sources, and robotics. Ultimately, the workshop raised the question if and how technology can support “social sensitivity” in people’s collaborations.

The workshop was co-funded by GenZ profiling program, Earli SIG20&26 and ASLAN.

Last updated: 11.10.2019