MAKERSPACES FOR LIFELONG LEARNING Research-based Nordic collaboration


Project description

Funded by Nordplus Horizontal (project number NPHZ-2018/10123, duration 3 years)


  • University of Oulu (LET, FabLab, Sampola), LET as a coordinator
  • Malmö University (Sweden)
  • University of Tartu (Estonia)
  • Aalborg Universty (Denmark)
  • Arduino Verkstad (Sweden)

Makerspaces (MS) is a social innovation, which denotes to an adoption of a new behaviour or a new practices. Exploring and developing MS practices is topical in Nordic countries.  The aim of this project is to 1) review existing MS studies and practices and 2) design and implement MS for formal, informal and non-formal education in early childhood, primary school and younger adult in higher education and older adults, 3) provide research-based innovative and scalable pedagogical MS models for all ages. In practice, we organize interdisciplinary workshops and use design-based and participatory approaches, with hands-on, body-on, mind-on activities. The mixed-method data will be collected. This is to make the process of working and learning “visible” from participants’ and observers’ perspective. Also focus group interviews will be conducted. The project results scalable pedagogical designs of the MS and evidence-based understanding of how people in different ages act and learn in MS contexts. The results will help developing educational and curriculum practices in life-long learning contexts, as well as teacher education programmes. Results are applicable to the educational policies in Nordic countries.

FB: NordicMake

Contact: Pirkko Siklander