Emotion regulation support in early childhood education


Project description

TunTuVa is a developmental project and aims at deepening early childhood education professionals’ understanding of how children’s emotion regulation skills develop and how to support children’s emotion regulation in everyday learning situations. To provide appropriate support, a research-based training program is developed in the project together with several day care centers. The training program increases the knowledge of emotion regulation and connects the theoretical understanding with ECE practices by providing examples as well as guided observation and group discussion exercises. The program helps ECEC professionals to 1) increase their understanding of children’s emotion regulation skills, 2) recognize the key-moments in everyday activities where children can rehearse emotion regulation, 3) acquire more versatile ways to support children in learning emotion regulation skills and 4) monitor children’s abilities to regulate emotions in everyday activities. The effects of the training program are studied by intervention and control group research design.


Project duration: 1.1.2019 to 31.12.2020

Project funding: Finnish National Agency for Education

Project staff:

Hanna Järvenoja, assistant professor

Susanna Kinnunen, postdoctoral researcher

Marika Koivuniemi, project coordinator


Karoliina Hautala, project coordinator

Kristiina Mänty, postdoctoral researcher

Piia Näykki, postdoctoral researcher


Contact person: Hanna Järvenoja, assistant professor



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