When I first familiarized myself with the contents of the LET program I realized at once that it was exactly what I wanted to learn.

During the time I was studying in the program this feeling was getting only stronger. In the LET program I had an opportunity to look into a great amount of topical issues in modern education. For example, I learned a lot about educational technologies, effective learning strategies, teaching methods and practices, and characteristics of learners and learning environments through theoretical materials and hands-on assignments. With theoretical understanding and knowledge of research methodology, gained in the LET program, I had a great opportunity to carry out a research study. I was very happy with Master's thesis guidance provided in the program, as I was getting all the necessary help and support for my progress.

The LET program was a highly valuable path in my life also because it emphasized bigger issues as well, such as understanding, argumentation, communication, creativity, and open-mindedness.I think these skills are promoted and fostered very well in the program. 

An important part of this experience was teachers who were always there to provide support and guidance, who always created comfortable environment and stayed enthusiastic and open-minded. Their knowledge, experience, professionalism, and attitude were very motivating and inspiring for me as a student.

The LET program teaches to develop self-regulated learning skills, take initiative, collaborate and share ideas, think critically and creatively, and it was a great experience in my life. The LET program has contributed a lot to my expertise as an educator and researcher. Moreover, in the LET program I learned a lot about how to learn, improved my own skills in self-regulation, and got a great experience of collaborative practices.

I graduated from the LET program in June 2014. Currently I am working as a research fellow at the University of Agder in Kristiansand, Norway. I’m focusing on computer-supported collaborative learning (CSCL), and I am especially interested in communication processes happening in computer-supported environments. In my research I am planning to work on designing engaging and adaptive CSCL environments, which would provide students with the necessary affordances and promote effective collaborative interactions. Definitely, my thinking and ideas are inspired by the knowledge and experience I got from the LET program!

I will always remember about the two years spent in Oulu with very warm and kind feelings. When I tell about this experience to my new friends, I can’t help smiling – so many good memories come to my mind!


photo by Tuire Mykkälä


Last updated: 19.9.2019