EmReg - Emotion regulation in secondary school pupils' learning

The research project focuses on elementary school pupils’ (N = 100) emotion regulation considered as a critical precondition for motivated and strategic learning. The objectives are to (1) investigate what characterizes successful individual and group level emotion regulation as a part of self-regulated learning, (2) implement process-oriented methods complemented with physiological measures to investigate emotion regulation, and (3) provide knowledge on socio-emotional experiences to support emotion regulation in pedagogical practice.

The empirical study involves data collection in class-like laboratory setting and classrooms. It combines video data, task-specific self-reports and physiological data to capture the emotion regulation during learning. The results will bring understanding about emotion regulation and its meaning for successful self-regulated learning. In practice, the results open up opportunities for tackling emotional problems and marginalization in classrooms.

Project staff

Hanna Järvenoja, assistant professor (tenure track)

KristiinaMänty, postdoctoral researcher

Tiina Törmänen, PhD Student

Last updated: 17.9.2019