The objective of this research project is to analyse through user oriented approach how spatial and technological architectonic features, such as lighting and acoustic solutions, all together, create the indoor environment and support innovation and collaborative knowledge production in start-up company working environments. The latest lighting techniques have enabled adaptive and user presence sensing lighting applications and in particular their effect will be investigated as a factor that creates appropriate diversity to workspaces. Through studying architectonic environments that support collaborative knowledge production and knowledge sharing from user perspective, it is possible to influence innovativeness of start-up companies.The entirely novel aspect in this project is to integrate architectonic contents and solutions with the latest collaborative learning research. The prospects and challenges of working environments are examined from the user perspective and they are developed through concept design and pilot experiments in start-up company premises. This project is mainly a research-by-design project, which both applies existing knowledge and generates new solutions through qualitative research methods and design processes.


Project duration


Project funding

European Union, European regional development fund

Project staff

Sanna Järvelä

Arttu Mykkänen


Sanna Järvelä


Last updated: 15.11.2016