Min Qu

My name is Qu Min and I come from China. I have been studying in the Master's Programme of
Learning, Education, and Technology (LET) in University of Oulu from August 2016 to June 2018.
Before I came to Oulu, I had work experiences in both tranditional training school and
educational technology company, however, my career seemed to meet a deadend. Therefore, I
decided to quit my job and pursue more education.

Two years of studying in Finland has been a really eye-opening and educational experience for
me. LET Programme covers a wide range of topics in education field, e.g., self-regulated
learning, collaborative learning, educational technology, digital fabrication, research methods,
etc. Everyone has a chance to reflect on what is your strength and passion in this field and then
seize different opportunities provided by the Programme to go deeper in your interested topics.
For myself, I am fascinated by the opportunities created by the abundance of learners' data and
computing power to understand more about how people learn. We had a great opportunity to
participate the first SIG 27 conference (deals with Online Measures of Learning Processes) as
organizers, during which I learned the frontier research topics and how academic work could
provide value to the industry. The thesis work was also a rewarding process, as we could go
deeper in our interested topic with support and guidance from supervisors.

Other than serious topics like studying and career, Oulu is a wonderful place to live. The
scenery here is amazing, lake, forest, seaside, blue sky, northern light, you will find more when
you come. More importantly, you will meet amazing people here, no matter locals with peaceful
lifestyle or your classmates with different cultural background. You will learn from them how to
live a happier and more fulfilling life.

Last updated: 1.10.2020